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April 11, 2007 by
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Like many other artists do, Bless 1 recently sent me message to make me aware of his music and asking me to check it out if I was interested. What I heard was some of the sharpest hip hop songs I have heard in quite a while. Bless 1 is a hip hop artist/producer from the west side of Chicago with an incredible skill for lyrics and a sense of timing and rhyme that flow so well as to seem effortless. His rapping style reminds me a lot of Common or some of the recent Roots material.

He just finished his first album entitled Starving Artist, working with French producer Rythm from Art(Powell). He plans on posting the entire album for free download shortly. He wants to share his music with as many people as possible. Enjoy the two amazing songs we have posted here as well as few others on his myspace. Remember to keep an eye on his myspace for the full album, if these two tracks are any indication it won’t be long until Bless 1 is a household name right alongside Kanye or Jay-Z.

Also check out a recent Q&A with Bless 1 over at just like music blog

MP3: Bless 1 – Starving Artist
MP3: Bless 1 – Never Give Up



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