Solving A Murder Mystery

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Imagine if you will the scene, a high school gymnasium, plenty of crepe paper all around, a handpainted sign that says “Welcome to The Prom, 1957”. Off in the corner on a small stage is a four piece band banging out the songs that have the kids up and dancing from the word go.
Now flash forward fifty years, in the corner on a small stage in a coffee shop that same exact band is playing the same exact songs and all the indie-kid caffeine junkies are loving every second of it.
That band is Murder Mystery, defining a sound that I can best describe as retro-indie. Snappy snare based drumming, lots of hand claps, poppy danceable bass lines and clean efficient guitar playing, fronted by a voice that falls somewhere between Stephin Merritt(Magnetic Fields) and Gordon Gano(Violent Femmes).
Their new album Are You Ready for the Heartache Cause Here it Comes was co-produced by J.P. Bowersock(Ryan Adams And The Cardinals,The Strokes) and is chock full of catchy boy-girl-love songs that will have you humming along, if not dancing along, at the first listen.

Murder Mystery is from New York City and is Jeremy Coleman(vocals, guitar), Adam Fels(bass,vocals) Jeremy’s tap dancer turned drummer sister, Laura Coleman(drums,vocals) and Kevin Jaszek(guitar,vocals).

MP3: Murder Mystery – In A Sentimental Mood
MP3: Murder Mystery – What My Baby Said

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