Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970

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Four decades ago, legions of young people trekked to San Francisco and its famed Haight Asbury district, the epicenter for the youth-driven counterculture revolution that was transforming American culture. They came for peace, politics, community, love…and they came for the music, the most enduring legacy of that very special place and time. It has proven to be the element that really tells the true story of San Francisco in the 1960s.
Love Is The Song We Sing : San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970 is a comprehensive portrait of the psychedelic scene in San Francisco from the late 60’s into the Summer Of Love right through into the early 70’s and the scene’s influence on music then and still continuing to this day. The hippie folk beginnings of bands like The Charlatans and Country Joe and The Fish to the early Grateful Dead are all here. Garage rockers like The Count Five or the Chocolate Watchband bring on the fuzztone guitars. The subsequent LSD influenced morphing of the two genres into what we now call psychedelia is well represented here with bands like Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver Messenger Service. The early sounds of free form FM radio with acts like Santana and Janis Joplin are also here. This box documents the birth of a movement as well as it’s impact on society at large. An amazing snapshot of an incredibly creative period in American music history. Grab your favorite mind altering substance, pop this set on and be transported to another time when everyone believed music could fuel a revolution.

MP3: The Charlatans – Number One
MP3: Quicksilver Messenger Service – Codine
MP3: The Youngbloods – Get Together

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Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970
Disc 1: Seismic Rumbles
1. Dino Valenti – “Let’s Get Together”
2. Country Joe & The Fish – “I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die” (EP Version)
3. We Five – “You Were On My Mind”
4. The Charlatans – “Number One”
5. The Warlocks – “Can’t Come Down”
6. The Beau Brummels – “Don’t Talk To Strangers”
7. The Vejtables – “Anything”
8. Jefferson Airplane – “It’s No Secret”
9. The Mystery Trend – “Johnny Was A Good Boy”
10. The Great! Society – “Free Advice”
11. The Grass Roots – “Mr Jones (A Ballad Of A Thin Man)”
12. Blackburn & Snow – “Stranger In A Strange Land”
13. Quicksilver Messenger Service – “Who Do You Love” (Demo Version)
14. The Mojo Men – “She’s My Baby”
15. The Wildflower – “Coffee Cup”
16. The Family Tree – “Live Your Own Life”
17. The Sons Of Champlin – “Fat City”
18. The Frantics – “Human Monkey”
19. The Tikis – “Bye Bye Bye” (Warner Bros. Single Version)
20. Country Joe & The Fish – “Section 43”
21. The Sopwith “Camel” – “Hello Hello”

Disc 2: Suburbia
1. Count Five – “Psychotic Reaction”
2. The Front Line – “Got Love”
3. The Mourning Reign – “Satisfaction Guaranteed”
4. The Oxford Circle – “Foolish Woman”
5. The Stained Glass – “My Buddy Sin”
6. The Otherside – “Streetcar”
7. Teddy & His Patches – “Suzy Creamcheese”
8. The Immediate Family – “Rubiyat”
9. Syndicate Of Sound – “Rumors”
10. The Harbinger Complex – “Sometimes I Wonder”
11. The New Breed – “Want Ad Reader”
12. The Generation – “I’m A Good Woman”
13. The Chocolate Watchband – “No Way Out”
14. Butch Engle & The Styx – “Hey I’m Lost”
15. People – “I Love You”
16. Public Nuisance – “America”
17. Country Weather – “Fly To New York”
18. The Savage Resurrection – “Thing In ‘E'”
19. Frumious Bandersnatch – “Hearts To Cry”

Disc 3: Summer Of Love
1. The Charlatans – “Alabama Bound”
2. The Mystery Trend – “Carl Street”
3. The Great! Society – “Somebody To Love” (LP Version)
4. Country Joe & The Fish – “Superbird”
5. The Beau Brummels – “Two Days ‘Til Tomorrow”
6. Moby Grape – “Omaha”
7. The Serpent Power – “Up & Down”
8. Grateful Dead – “The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)”
9. Quicksilver Messenger Service – “Codine”
10. Big Brother & The Holding Company – “Down On Me” (Live)
11. Salvation – “Think Twice”
12. Jefferson Airplane – “White Rabbit”
13. Steve Miller Band – “Roll With It”
14. Notes From The Underground – “Why Did You Put Me On”
15. Sly & The Family Stone – “Underdog”
16. Blue Cheer – “Summertime Blues”
17. The Ace Of Cups – “Glue”
18. Santana – “Soul Sacrifice”
19. The Loading Zone – “The Bells”

Disc 4: “The Man Can’t Bust Our Music”
1. Santana – “Evil Ways”
2. Fifty Foot Hose – “Red The Sign Post”
3. Kak – “Lemonaide Kid”
4. The Sons Of Champlin – “1982-A”
5. Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks – “How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away”
6. Mad River – “Amphetamine Gazelle”
7. The Steve Miller Band – “Quicksilver Girl”
8. Mother Earth – “Revolution”
9. Moby Grape – “Murder In My Heart For The Judge”
10. Quicksilver Messenger Service – “Light Your Windows”
11. Flamin’ Groovies – “I’m Drowning”
12. Seatrain – “Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Lady”
13. It’s A Beautiful Day – “White Bird”
14. Grateful Dead – “Dark Star” (Single Version)
15. Blue Cheer – “Fool” (Single Version)
16. Jefferson Airplane – “Mexico”
17. Janis Joplin – “Mercedes Benz”
18. The Youngbloods – “Get Together”

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Video: Arcade Fire with Bruce Springsteen

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Bruce Springsteen and Arcade Fire – State Trooper

Bruce Springsteen and Arcade Fire – Keep The Car Running

This is just about everywhere, but who cares I’m going to do it too. In case you haven’t seen this yet, it’s amazing. Last night’s surprise guest appearance by Regine and Win of Arcade Fire with Bruce Springsteen in Ottowa, Ontario CA.

[video by]

Monday Morning Blues : Elmore James

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Elmore James was one of the true pioneers of electric slide guitar whose influence san still be heard in modern day players for the Allman Brothers to The White Stripes.

More from Allmusic guide:
No two ways about it, the most influential slide guitarist of the postwar period was Elmore James, hands down. Although his early demise from heart failure kept him from enjoying the fruits of the ’60s blues revival as his contemporaries Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf did, James left a wide influential trail behind him. And that influence continues to the present time — in approach, attitude and tone — in just about every guitar player who puts a slide on his finger and wails the blues. As a guitarist, he wrote the book, his slide style influencing the likes of Hound Dog Taylor, Joe Carter, his cousin Homesick James and J.B. Hutto, while his seldom-heard single-string work had an equally profound effect on B.B. King and Chuck Berry. His signature lick — an electric updating of Robert Johnson’s “I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom” and one that Elmore recorded in infinite variations from day one to his last session — is so much a part of the essential blues fabric of guitar licks that no one attempting to play slide guitar can do it without being compared to Elmore James. Others may have had more technique — Robert Nighthawk and Earl Hooker immediately come to mind — but Elmore had the sound and all the feeling.

MP3: Elmore James – Dust My Blues
MP3: Elmore James – Blues Before Sunrise
MP3: Elmore James – Standing At The Crossroads
MP3: Elmore James – Hawaiian Boogie No. 2
MP3: Elmore James – I Believe

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[Photo by JACQUES DEMÊTRE Chicago, Oct. 1959]

LIVE: Nada Surf & Jealous Girlfriends 10.13.07 at Johnny Brendas

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A few photos from Saturday night’s excellent sold out Nada Surf / Jealous Girlfriends show at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia.

Jealous Girlfriends

Nada Surf

LIVE : Black Mountain at Johnny Brenda’s 10.12.07

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Some photos from last night’s show at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia. The Cave Singers took the stage around 10:30 and played an enjoyable set of the quirky indie folk that stayed pretty true to the sound on their new record Invitation Songs. I didn’t manage to get any pictures during their set, sorry guys.
Taking the stage in Philadelphia for the first time in nearly two years, Black Mountain was on next. They played a set heavy on new songs from their upcoming record, In The Future, which if last night is any indication, is going to be excellent. Their set was a rhythmic, ebbing and flowing juggernaut of psychedelic power. A mind altering experience with or without any help from your recreational substance of choice. One of the best shows I’ve seen this year, and if they haven’t been to your town yet , I highly recommend checking them out.

5 On A Friday : Girls In Their Summer Clothes

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One more Springsteen influenced post today. If you’ve heard Girls In Their Summer Clothes off of the new Magic album you’ve heard the wall of sound production inspired by Phil Spector‘s work in the late fifties early sixties. Though not all of these were produced by Phil Spector, they all employ the wall of sound production style Bruce is emulating.

1: The Paris Sisters – Dream Lover
Buy Growin’ Up Too Fast: The Girl Group Anthology
2: The Crystals – Then He Kissed Me
Buy Phil Spector – Back to Mono (1958-1969)
3: The Ronettes – Baby, I Love You
Buy Phil Spector – Back to Mono (1958-1969)
4: Lesley Gore – Wonder Boy
Buy Growin’ Up Too Fast: The Girl Group Anthology
5: Ike & Tina Turner – River Deep, Mountain High
Buy Phil Spector – Back to Mono (1958-1969)

[Shangri-Las poster from here]

Squaaks – Rock Control

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Although their name may be reminiscient of a sound you’ll hear on the new Radiohead album, Squaaks music is not. Their bio describes their sound as “crunchy guitars, a driving rhythm and catchy melodies” and it’s right on the money. Their new album Rock Control is part sixties garage rock, part eighties post punk with songs that are catchy and often lighthearted. They’re also not afraid to show they have a sense of humor, check out the opening track of the disc, Two Hippies, and you’re sure to crack a smile. Catch ’em this Friday in Philly on the bill with American Princes, The New Motels, and The Sw!ms at The Khyber.

The Baltimore, Maryland based Squaaks are:
Songwriter Virat Shukla on vocals and guitar
Bassist and vocalist Elena Fox
Guitarist and keyboardist Justin Custer
Drummer Charles Cole

MP3: Squaaks – Two Hippies
MP3: Squaaks – Be Dry My Bleeding Heart

Upcoming Shows
Oct 12 2007 8:00P The Khyber Philadelphia, PA
Oct 13 2007 9:00P Lo-Fi Social Club Baltimore, MD
Oct 19 2007 8:00P The Metro Gallery Baltimore, MD
Oct 27 2007 8:00P The Vintage Porter Salisbury, NC

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New Music : The Silver Seas

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Did you ever have that dream where you meet some of the most well respected songwriters of a generation and suddenly you’ve absorbed all of their musical knowledge and songwriting skills ? James Taylor, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, Jackson Browne, Van Morrison, Brian Wilson they’re all there and you’re just soaking it all in. Well, I haven’t had that dream either, but The Silver Seas must have because their new record High Society is all that and more rolled into one. It feels like you’re listening to an old favorite from the word go, familiar enough to be comfortable yet still new enough to be engaging.

High Society is set for a November 13th release on Cheap Lullaby Records
[The Silver Seas were formerly The Bees (U.S)]

MP3: The Silver Seas – Imaginary Girl
Buy High Society


Monday Morning Blues : Special Guest Post – Talking Late Greats Blues

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A special edition of Monday Morning Blues today with BOS first guest post as our friend The Duke from The Late Greats takes the wheel. Enjoy.

Talking Late Greats Blues

Tom helped me out a few week’s ago with a Songs That Got Me Thru High School post, so I thought I could return the favor by doing a Monday Morning Blues Bash for Bag of Songs.

Truth be told, The Duke doesn’t have much of a singing voice, which deepens my love of the talking blues. If you are unfamiliar with this style of blues, try Wiki.

Arranged in order of release date:

Pete Seegar ~ Talking Blues

Pete Seegar ~ Talking Un-American Blues

Dave Van Ronk ~ Talking Cancer Blues

Billy Bragg ~ Talking Wag Club Blues

Coco Montoya ~ Talkin’ Woman Blues

Woody Guthrie ~ Talking Fishing Blues

Woody Guthrie ~ Mean Talking Blues

Dan Bern ~ Talkin’ Woody, Bob, Bruce & Dan Blues

Dan Bern ~ Talkin Al Kida Blues

Utah Phillips ~ Talking N.P.R. Blues

John McCutcheon ~ Talking Tinky-Winky Blues

Use some of you 25 FREE Downloads from eMusic to get more talking blues.

5 On A Friday : There’s Magic In the Night

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Bruce Springsteen’s new album Magic was released this past Tuesday. In honor of the two shows in Philadelphia he’ll be performing tonight and tomorrow night, 5 songs that embody the “magic” Bruce has become renowned for. Up first, what may be the single most definitive version of any Springsteen song, Incident on 57th Street from February 1975, live at The Main Point in Philadelphia. A pair of songs from the 1978 tour, Growing Up complete with one of his famed storytelling interludes, and Prove It All Night with a blazing guitar workout intro. An amazing reworking of It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City from closing night of the Devils and Dust tour, and a early breathtaking acoustic version of the song where the line “Show a little faith, there’s magic in the night” originated, Thunder Road from 1974.

1: Bruce Springsteen – Incident On 57th Street
February 2nd, 1975 – The Main Point Philadelphia PA
2: Bruce Springsteen – Growin’ Up
June 25th 1978, Seattle, WA
3: Bruce Springsteen – Prove It All Night
August 9th, 1978 – The Agora, Cleveland OH
4: Bruce Springsteen – It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City
November 22nd, 2005 – Sovereign Bank Arena Trenton NJ
5: Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road (acoustic)
1974, 914 Studios, New York City NY

“Magic” Tour Dates
9/24 Asbury Park, NJ Convention Hall — Rehearsal
9/25 Asbury Park, NJ Convention Hall — Rehearsal
9/28 East Rutherford, NJ Continental Airlines Arena — Rehearsal
10/2 Hartford, CT Hartford Civic Center Set List
10/5 Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center
10/6 Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center
10/9 East Rutherford, NJ Continental Airlines Arena
10/10 East Rutherford, NJ Continental Airlines Arena
10/14 Ottawa, ONT Civic Centre
10/15 Toronto, ONT Air Canada Centre
10/17 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
10/18 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
10/21 Chicago, IL United Center
10/22 Chicago, IL United Center
10/26 Oakland, CA Oracle Arena
10/29 Los Angeles, CA Sports Arena
10/30 Los Angeles, CA Sports Arena
11/2 St. Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center
11/4 Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena
11/5 Auburn Hills, MI Palace Of Auburn Hills
11/11 Washington, D.C. Verizon Arena
11/12 Washington, D.C. Verizon Arena
11/14 Pittsburgh, PA Mellon Arena
11/15 Albany, NY Times Union Center
11/18 Boston, MA TD Banknorth Garden
11/19 Boston, MA TD Banknorth Garden
11/25 Madrid, SPAIN Palacio De Deportes

11/26 Bilbao, SPAIN Bilbao Exhibition Centre
11/28 Milan, ITALY Datchforum
11/30 Arnhem, NETHERLANDS Geldredome
12/2 Mannheim, GERMANY Sap Arena
12/4 Oslo, NORWAY Oslo Spektrum
12/8 Copenhagen, DENMARK Forum Copenhagen
12/10 Stockholm, SWEDEN Globe Arena
12/12 Antwerp, BELGIUM Sports Paleis
12/13 Cologne, GERMANY Koln Arena
12/15 Belfast, IRELAND Odyssey Arena
12/17 Paris, FRANCE Palais Omnisports De Bercy
12/19 London, UK O2 Arena


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