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Clear Tigers is essentially a one man recording project of Arkansas native Nathan Akin. After spending some time studying with minimalist composer La Monte Young in New York, Nathan began work on his own songs. The end result was the Brutal album. Four of the songs were initally released in advance of the album on an EP on Catbird Records to much positive acclaim.

I’ve been listening to the Brutal album for a couple weeks now trying to come up with the words to describe it’s sound. The best I could do is, if you like The Magnetic Fields, Violent Femmes and Bright Eyes it kind of sounds like all of them but not really like any of them. The album runs the gamut from wistful acoustic numbers like Together, to full on rockers like Summertime and Won’t Be Back. One of the things I found especially impressive is that even though Nathan recorded all of the parts himself with the exception of some drums on a couple songs, it doesn’t have the sterile, overworked, put together piece by piece feel that many one man projects have. There is a great loose band vibe feeling throughout.

To play out live Nathan has assembled a band made up of Guitarist Jeremy Hunt Schoenerr-Lachance,bassist David Sanderson, drummer Tim Traynor and vocalists Catherine Herrick and Lisa Baker. They have a couple shows coming up this week in New York City so you can get on out and see them for yourself.

MP3: Clear Tigers – Won’t Be Back
MP3: Clear Tigers -Together

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Upcoming Shows
Nov 27 2007 10:30P Luna Lounge NY, New York
Nov 30 2007 11:00P Pete’s Candy Store Brooklyn, New York



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