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January 9, 2008 by
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Birds.Fled.From.Me is just one of the many projects the amazingly talented Rachel Williams is involved in. Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA she is a musician extraordinaire and has an astounding voice most closely reminiscent of Fiona Apple or Bjork. Her upcoming full length album, Deeper Lurking, is a work sure to earn it’s place amongst 2008’s best. Twelve songs filled with lyrics that capture the raw emotional intensity of the relationships that affect all our lives. Captivating vocals wind their way through stark piano lines and other ambient sounds to paint an amazing portrait of a soul laid bare.

Mesmerizing from beginning to end, this album has the potential to catapult her from relative obscurity to next big thing overnight.

MP3: Birds.Fled.From.Me – Resisted (demo version)
MP3: Birds.Fled.From.Me – Staring At The Sea

Watch for the album coming soon on Loves In Heat Records
Contact Rachel via Birds.Fled.From.Me’s myspace where you can hear a few more songs and may still be able get a handmade, hand selected demo of songs prior to the release of the album.



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