If You’ll Be My Trailer Park, I’ll Be Your Tornado…

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In a era when everyone seems to be trying to out-alternative each other sometimes the simplicity just getting back to the basics becomes a lost art. The folky pop sound of Chicago’s In Miniature brings it all back home, honest heartfelt songwriting, sweet as angels vocal harmonies, all surrounded by a tasteful two guitar, bass, and drums mix accented perfectly with accordion here or a xylophone flourish there.  At times they’re reminisicient of the female fronted bands like  Salem 66 or even 10,000 Maniacs that were around in the early days of the college rock explosion that launched bands like REM and U2. Keep an eye out for them as I’m sure this EP is harbinger of many more great things to come.

If you like what you hear you can download the entire Hey, Marsupial EP for free via a link on their myspace page. And, if you’re in and around Chicago you can check them out live as they have a few shows coming up over the next month.

Here’s a couple of my favorites from the EP.

In Miniature – Tornado
In Miniature – Call It In The Air

In Miniature is:
Erin Frisby: vocals, guitar, piano
Stefanie Kohn: vocals, guitar, banjo, accordion
Sarah Sterling: vocals, drums, xylophone
Philip Rabbitt: bass, banjo, xylophone

Upcoming Shows
Mar 26 2009 Quenchers Saloon w/Khupera Tum and Amelia Glass Chicago, IL
Apr 6 2009 Ronny’s bar w/ Ppapermoons Chicago, IL
Apr 25 2009 Humboldt Studios w/Pezzettino and Joe Robinson Chicago, IL



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