LIVE: 09.29.08 Robert Pollard’s Boston Spaceships,The High Strung @ Johnny Brenda’s

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A couple photos from this past Monday night’s incredible sold out three hour show by Robert Pollard’s Boston Spaceships at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia. Detroit’s The High Strung opened with a great set of their sixties tinged garage rock, showing that a three piece guitar, bass, drums combo can still bring the rock. Robert Pollard and band, including Tommy Keene on guitar took the stage at 10pm, just after a full cooler of beer on ice and a bottle of tequila were placed on stage, and proceeded to live up to their reputation as one of the hardest onstage partying bands going. I lost count of the number of beers they had consumed by the end of the night and the bottle of tequila was gone, helped along by a couple passes through the crowd with numerous audience members getting a taste. By the time they left the stage for the night just after 1:00AM, by my guess they had played somewhere around 40 or so songs, new, unreleased, old Guided By Voices, and more. The encore opened with a blistering version of Cheap Trick‘s Hello There and the already overexcited and well oiled crowd was worked into a frenzy, prompting some to start throwing glass pints of beer around like they were in plastic cups. It was at this point I relinquished my front and center spot leaning on the stage for a safer spot near the side bar to watch the action. At one point, I actually saw a glass shatter on the balcony and fall into the crowd below. One unlucky person had his face covered in blood at the end of night having been hit by flying glass and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were quite a few more. One of the best shows I’ve seen this year and craziest nights I’ve ever witnessed at Johnny Brenda’s that’s for sure.

The High Strung

Robert Pollard’s Boston Spaceships