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First up from the mail bag today, The Swimmers.
from their myspace bio :

The Swimmers are a band based on a story. It’s not the story of how the
Philadelphia four-piece met or of how they came to music or even how they shook
off their alt-country tendencies; it’s the story of a young man who swims home
through the backyard pools in his affluent suburban town only to find his home
abandoned and ruined.

Former One Star Hotel frontman Steve Yutzy-Burkey
based his new pop project on the famous short story, “The Swimmer” by John
Cheever, suddenly so inspired that he dismantled One Star Hotel to complete an
album’s worth of ambitious, upbeat songs far removed from the band’s jangly
country style.

Let me be one of the first to proclaim their new album Fighting Trees the first truly important release of 2007. Forget all about the new Shins,this is one disc you need to have right now. In trying to find a way to describe their sound, names like Tweedy, Dando, and McCartney spring to mind. This is an album chock full of intelligent, catchy songs. Watch for it to be released early this year, it is a must have.

The Swimmers are:
Steve Yutzy-Burkey, Rick Sieber, Krista Yutzy-Burkey, Scott French

With many thanks to the band here’s the first song off of Fighting Trees for a limited time only.
Stream the entire album at their website.

MP3: The Swimmers -It’s Time They Knew


Be sure to get out and catch them live soon. They have a Wednesday night residency coming up at the Khyber in Philadelphia during the month of February and a Sunday night residency at Pianos in New York City in March.

Upcoming Shows
Jan 20 2007 9:00P Tric Town January @ Mojo 13 Wilmington, Delaware
Feb 3 2007 9:00P Great Scott Allston, Massachusetts
Feb 7 2007 9:00P Khyber Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Feb 8 2007 10:00P Sin-e New York, New York
Feb 14 2007 9:00P Khyber Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Feb 21 2007 9:00P Khyber Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Feb 28 2007 9:00P Khyber Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mar 10 2007 9:00P DC-9 DC, Washington DC
Mar 11 2007 9:00P Pianos New York, New York
Mar 18 2007 9:00P Pianos New York, New York
Mar 25 2007 9:00P Pianos New York, New York

Up next is Pittsburgh based band Triggers

Imagine if Ben Folds and Devo joined forces with some help from Elvis Costello to form a band, and you have an idea of what Triggers sounds like. Triggers new EP, Elude the Suits, takes the sound introduced on their first demo and refines it even further. From the jumpy staccato new wave guitar hook of Eyes Like A Ninja to the hyper pop She Had Me At Takeoff with its falsetto vocal, to the piano pounding rocker Anyone At Anytime, Elude The Suits is full of great pop songs.

Triggers are :

Joe Kasler – Bass, Vocals
Rich Kawood – Drums, Vocals
Adam Rousseau – Guitar, Vocals
Brett Zoric – Keyboards, Vocals

MP3 : Triggers How Do I Get To The Roof
from Triggers Demo

Stream the new Elude The Suits EP on their website:

Upcoming Shows
Jan 19 2007 Southminster Church PGH, PA 8pm ALL AGES w/ TBA
Jan 26 2007 Brillobox PGH, PA 10pm w/ Life in Bed, The Receiver. 21+
Mar 9 2007 Brillobox PGH, PA 10pm w/ Donora and Librarians. 21+

And last but certainly not least, a new song called Wilson, from Bag Of Songs favorite the lovely and talented Chelsea Taube.

MP3: Chelsea Taube – Wilson

myspace :

Upcoming Shows
Jan 24 2007 07:00 PM – The Blue Note Cafe, Pontiac, Michigan
Feb 03 2007 05:00 PM – Kaya Coffee VOX ROX, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Feb 06 2007 08:00 PM – The Modern Exchange , Southgate, Michigan


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