Wednesday Night Bloghopping

August 30, 2007 by
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Some bloghopping stops to entertain you while my next real post lingers behind schedule.

Make Kate’s day by stopping by and wishing The Glorious Hum a Happy 2nd Birthday.

Heather loves The Swimmers almost as much as I do, get their live EP at I Am Fuel,You Are Friends.

Michael and Trip at Teenage Kicks share their excellent new discovery Jeremy Fisher.

Bruce does double duty bringing us Mary Louise Parker shaking the moneymaker on a pool table to Illinois on his new blog Philadelphia Freedom, and a taste of some exclusive live Spoon at Some Velvet Blog

Powerpopulist finds the good stuff for you so you don’t have to

Heather’s not the only show in Colorado, Julio at Cause=Time brings an endless stream of new and excellent music your way

And last but not least don’t miss my trip back through high school as I guest blog with The Duke over at The Late Greats


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