It’s Always Sunny In The Alternate Universe

March 7, 2009 by · 2 Comments
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If the new Animal Collective and Dan Deacon just aren’t far enough out there for you, here’s one hot from my mail box today. Step inside the electronically twisted world of Spanaway, Washington’s Chad Imes as Loudspeaker Speaker on his new album Recorded Sound.  Inside the mostly plain brown wrapper the trip kicks off with Hump Like One Leg’s Shorter, a sonically demented pastiche of sound that is what I imagine you’d get if Ween, Barnes & Barnes, and Brian Eno hung out and jammed during a drunken all night bender. The cover of the late 60’s chestnut Sunny that follows is equally twisted and hazy.  Other highlights include the faux horn and drumbeat driven Shimmer Step and the chiming ethereal Mind Of Bryan. The press sheet for the album describes it as “sounds like being drunk on dandelion wine while listening to radio transmission from the center of the Earth in spring” and as abstract as that may sound, it’s pretty damn accurate. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it can offer a respite for the adventurous from typical indie rock fare.

Loudspeaker Speaker – Sunny
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