Bag Of Songs Special Event : QUIZZO Monday March 3rd @ The Khyber

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5 On A Friday : Leaks

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Sorry folks not the kind of leaks your thinking of, but the ones in my basement that require pieces of copper pipe and soldering. The ones that also ate up the portion of my day when I’d usually be preparing 5 on A Friday for you, so unfortunately it will be MIA today.

Never fear, it will be back next week. Have a great weekend

What’s Going On Here ?

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Hey folks, do not fear, our normal 5 on A Friday feature will be up a little later today. Sorry ,this week’ s been a little slack while I iron out the file hosting issues here. In the meantime don’t miss some of the best of our artists of the day that were featured in my guest blogger spot on Break Thru Radio this week

Monday – The Swimmers
Tuesday – Chelsea Taube
Wednesday – Desmond Reed
Thursday – Creeping Weeds
Friday – 5 On A Friday – Bless 1, Saturna, Birds.Fled.From.Me, Elliot Jack, Morgan Ryan

Fun With Bandwidth

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Sorry folks, many of the older recent files are no longer available due to some bandwith issues I’ve been having at the moment . But fret not for the future, the problem should be gone for good in the next couple days.(Thanks HB!) Thanks for hanging in there !

Pardon Our Appearance…

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Apologies for any weirdness that appears on the page over the next few days or so. I finally broke down and converted the page to the newest version of blogger and ended up needing to rebuild a lot of the things I had customized. I’m still tweaking things here and there, so don’t be surprised to see things out of place a bit.

Hey Where’s The Music ???

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Just a note to let you all know that the majority of the bag of song music files are currently unavailable. The service that I use for hosting them announced this morning that they will be down for the next few days while they upgrade their servers.

Also starting tomorrow through the weekend I will have little or no access to a computer so I apologize in advance for what will likely be a lack of new posts the next few days as well.

Enjoy your weekend folks, and get out and see some live music if you can.