Random Song Of The Day : Photon Band

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Some softly meandering trippy psychedelic sounds from Philadelphia’s Photon Band to contemplate the world to while sitting back and having your Sunday morning coffee. Float on.

MP3: Photon Band – Words (get in the way)
Buy Get Down Here In The Stratosphere EP


PHOTOS: Photon Band CD Release Party At Johnny Brendas

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Some photos of the Photon Band from last night’s CD release party at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia. It was an all Philadelphia night with excellent opening sets by The Novenas and Canadian Invasion capped off by the Photon Band’s amazing set of psychedelic-funk-power-garage-pop featuring plenty of songs from their brand new Get Down Here In The Stratosphere EP.

Need Something To Do Tonight in In Philly ? Head To The Khyber.

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In Philadelphia and looking for something to do tonight ? Head on out to the Khyber and see our friend and favorite Girl About Town Carly play some drums with her band, as well as lots of other great music.

Here’s Carly to tell you all about it :

It’s chilly weather, and fall is definitely in full swing, but come out tonight and I promise that we’ll have some great pop music to warm up those coming winter chills! I would love to see you out if you’re able to make it!

Our band SCARY MONSTER will be playing at The Khyber tonight, with doors at 8pm for the show! We’re opening for some really amazing bands from here and out of town! And the best part is that most of us are coming from a really exciting weekend away of playing along with these and other great bands for a really full weekend at the New England Popfest! in Northampton MA which was put together by the lovely folks at Skipping Stones Records. We had a great time! This show in Philadelphia will only be Scary Monster’s second show as a three-piece – and will be our first show together at The Khyber!

Headlining tonight will be the band BUNNYGRUNT! Bunnygrunt are from Saint Louis, Missouri and if you saw them recently at their packed show at the Tritone then you know how great they are live and on stage:) You can check them out here: http://www.myspace.com/therealbunnygrunt – they’ve been around for such a long time, and have been an integral part of the indie-pop scene for years!

Philly’s own ART DiFURIA of the fabulously talented PHOTON BAND will be playing before Bunnygrunt tonight, this guy is the hardest working artist and teacher I know. He’s so deep in school and his art and writing that it’s a wonder that he’s got time to be creative, let alone play out! Every time that I’ve seen Art, I’ve been super impressed because each show has rocked harder and harder – I’m going to freak out tonight because 1. he’s playing solo and I can’t wait to hear him and 2. I’m sure his set’s going to be on fire! Listen to tracks (there’s so many great ones!) on his myspace page here: http://www.myspace.com/photonband

Brooklyn NY’s THE BESTIES (on Skipping Stones Records ) will go on second, and bring such a high-impact energy to the stage that I’m sure someone’s going to throw their clothes off because every time I think of them, I think of their Prison Song video and what a great time they have while playing together! Someone better throw their clothes off tonight! It’s going to be really fun tonight though – so I hope you can make it out!

And of course, SCARY MONSTER will be on first! Scary Monster is Neal Ramirez (The Snow Fairies) on guitar/vocals, Steve Beach (bass) and me (Carly Marcoux – drums/vocals)! http://www.myspace.com/scarymonsterphilly

Thanks for reading! and hopefully I’ll see you out tonight, about town:

Carly 🙂