Photos : Shrinking Islands At Skylight 307

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This past Friday was my first time at the cool new gallery performance space in Old City, Philadelphia, Skylight 307. Here’s a few photos from the excellent show with Shrinking Islands, Heirloom and Ray Morin. [Photos courtesy of SInABox Camera]

Skylight 307

Skylight 307

Shrinking Islands

Shrinking Islands

Shrinking Islands

Shrinking Islands





Be There This Friday 9/25 For The Shrinking Islands Philadelphia Debut

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The Shrinkinng Islands at The Zeitgeist Gallery

The Shrinkinng Islands at The Zeitgeist Gallery

[Photo By Janice Lee]

The jangly, intelligent sound of Cambridge, Massachusett’s The Shrinking Islands has been a favorite here at Bag Of Songs ever since their excellent first album In The Black Carpet was released way back in 2006. This Friday marks their long awaited Philadelphia debut performance so be sure to get up off the sofa and out to see them. They’ll be playing at Skylight 307 which is the cool new 2nd floor gallery space of Artist and Craftman Supplies, at 307 Market Street in Old City. If you’re not familiar with them yet, here’s a couple tunes to get you started. Fans of bands like REM, The Feelies,or The Velvet Underground you’ll love this.

The Shrinking Islands – Swallowed In Grace
Buy In The Black Carpet
The Shrinking Islands – Blood Rays
Buy Sort Of Records Fall 2006 Compilation

The Shrinking Islands with Raymond Morin and Heirloom
Friday, September 25, 2009
Skylight 307
307 Market Street Philadelphia PA


Knocking Down Ten On A Saturday Afternoon

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A mini-mixed bag of ten newish songs I’ve come across lately to soundtrack your Saturday afternoon. No special shoes required. Rock on.

Of Montreal – The Kids Are Alright (The Who Cover)
Nada Surf – See These Bones
The New Whole Ususals – No Name Sally
Foo Fighters – Band On The Run
Josh Ritter – The River
(Springsteen Cover)
AA Bondy – There’s A Reason

Drug Rug – Day I Day
PJ Harvey The Piano
Shrinking Islands – The Slow-Moving Aftermath
The Silver Seas – The Country Life

One Down, Many More To Go (No Radiohead Content)

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Bag Of Songs turns one this week. Wow, has it been a whole year already ? Thanks for coming along for the ride, hopefully you heard something you liked, or made you laugh, or at least surprised you in some way. A very special thanks to all the artists who have been featured here and to all of the great friends I have made along the way that make it matter.
Lot’s more goodies still to come , stay tuned.

Here’s a mixed dozen of the amazing independent artists that have been featured here over the past year.

Bag Of Songs Turns One
01: Chelsea Taube – Save My Soul From The Devil [MYSPACE]
02: The Swimmers – Pocket Full Of Gold [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
03: Creeping Weeds – Billy Pilgrim [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
04: The A – Sides – A Florida Grove [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
05: Elliot Jack – My Tongue In Vickie [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
06: Bless 1 – Starving Artist [MYSPACE]
07: Birds.Fled.From.Me – The Resisted [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
08: Morgan Ryan – Hallelu [MYSPACE]
09: Shrinking Islands – Swallowed In Grace [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
10: Desmond Reed – New [MYSPACE]
11: The Celebrities – East Coast Girls [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
12: Saturna – Pop Rocks [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]

ZIP: Bag The Whole Dozen

Sort Of Records One Year and Going Strong

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Hello Everyone ! Thanks for hanging in there through the lack of posts while I was away and while I continue to sort out the file hosting issues. Lots more good things coming your way. Here’s a great event you should try and check out if you possibly can.

Hey all you folks within range of Pittsburgh, PA, you’re going to want to get on down to the Brillo Box this Saturday March 10th and take part in the big 1-Year Anniversary Party for Sort Of Records featuring performances by David Bernabo, The Shrinking Islands (BOS Best Of 2006), Ryan Doyle, Paper Thin Stages, The Instances, and Pairdown.

Sort of Records is a label based in Pittsburgh, PA started by Ray Morin. Originally intended to be a home for quality acoustic acts it quickly became more than just that, and now includes many genres of interesting music by independent musicicans. But one thing is consistent, it is all quality music that deserves to be heard. All of their releases are manufactured by hand with the utmost care and and in limited runs. Their pure love for the music shines through on each release. Stop in this Saturday and help them send off their first year kick start their second of what should be many more to come.

And just to show you how awesome they are, they’re running an Anniversary special offer to get all of their titles on CDs or MP3s : For the months of March and April, you can buy the entire catalog of 9 CDs for $35 (postage paid*) or in high quality 320 kbp/s MP3 format for $25!

A great deal, buy them all, I did. Click here for the special deal.

Sort Of Records 1 Year Anniversary
Saturday March 10, 2007
The Brillo Box in Pittsburgh PA

David Bernabo [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
MP3: McQueen Bear

The Shrinking Islands [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
MP3: State Fair

MP3: The Traveling Song (30 sec sample)

Paper Thin Stages [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
MP3: Wire Another Slow

The Instances [WEBSITE] [MYSPACE]
MP3: The Mist Covered Mountains Of Pittsburgh

MP3: Three Coat