NEW DVD : I Got The Feelin’: James Brown in the ‘60s

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If you’re a James Brown fan, I highly recommend this new 3 dvd set that was released about a week ago. Two amazing performances from 1968. I mostly know James for his music, but the Live At Boston Garden show from April 1968, the Night after Martin Luther King was shot, shows just how much power James also weilds as a proponent of civil rights. The documentary disc really puts the show in its historical context. The third disc is James live from his now legendary run of live shows at the Apollo in Harlem in March 1968. Fantastic stuff, still just as powerful over forty years later.

BUY I Got The Feelin’: James Brown in the ‘60s

The Night James Brown Saved Boston (Director’s Cut)

A film by award-wining filmmaker David Leaf and executive produced by Shout! Factory CEO Richard Foos, David Leaf Production and VH1, The Night James Brown Saved Boston focuses on one of the most historic moments in Boston and America’s musical social and political history. The night Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, rioting began to tear at the fabric of America’s cities. Everybody wondered if there was anyone who could stop the violence, who could bring peace to the streets? The truth is, there was only one man – James Brown. So, on April 5, 1968, the night after Dr. King was shot and killed, James Brown took the stage for a previously scheduled show at the Boston Garden for a concert that was televised live on Boston’s public station WGBH, televised for just one reason—to keep the citizens of Boston off the streets, to try and stop a riot from starting. James Brown, a great artist at his peak, was thus thrust on to the center stage, facing the crucible moment of his career. He wasn’t known at that time as an activist, but that night, he rose to the occasion and kept Boston spell-bound with a musical tour-de-force, a performance that is considered so legendary that forty years later, Bostonians still regard it as the greatest concert the city every hosted.

Through the actual performance footage and the personal reminiscence of James Brown’s band members, the recollections of James’ friends like activist Al Sharpton and personal manager Charles Bobbitt, Boston citizens, those who attended the concert, politicians (like former Boston Mayor Kevin White) and Newsweek’s David Gates, The Night James Brown Saved Boston tells the compelling story of an artist at the absolute peak of his powers using his artistry for the greater good.

This film, which premiered at SXSW 2008 and broadcasting on VH1 on April 5, is an amazing look back at one heroic moment in James Brown’s life as a performer, a public figure and a man.

The Night James Brown Saved Boston Bonus Content:
Additional interview footage with
Rev. Al Sharpton
Dr. Cornel West
Anecdotes with Charles Bobbitt who worked with James for 40 years

James Brown Live At The Boston Garden
With cities around America reeling from sorrow, shock and anger, this is the actual April 5, 1968 concert James Brown gave at the Boston Garden as it was filmed and broadcast that fateful night. Boston PBS station WGBH agreed to televise the performance in an effort to keep the streets of Boston from erupting into violence.
Bonus Content:
Additional audio from radio simulcast
Additional interview footage with WGBH’s Director and Producer of the concert.

James Brown Live In The ‘60s – The T.A.M.I. Show, 1964 & Man To Man
The T.A.M.I. Show: James Brown’s 1964 performance of “Out Of Sight”

James Brown Live at the Apollo Theater 1968 – This was one of a series of concerts James Brown performed at the Apollo in Harlem in March 1968. This performance was taped in color and broadcast on television as Man To Man.

5 On A Friday : It’s Puzzling

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Some days it’s all one big mystifying puzzle isn’t it ?

1: Mates Of State – Jigsaw
Buy Re-Arrange Us
2: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Modern Mystery
Buy Pershing
3: Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Buy In Rainbows
4: The Rolling Stones – Jigsaw Puzzle
Buy Beggars Banquet
5: Son Volt – Mystifies Me

Buy Trace

Summer Rain

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No rhyme or reason, just total randomness today, like the unpredictability of summer rain. Maybe.

Johnny Rivers – Summer Rain
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HOT: Creeping Weeds & BOAT Summer Tour Kicks Off This Friday In Philly

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East and West meet starting this weekend when one of our Philly favorites Creeping Weeds head out on a short summer tour with Seattle-ites BOAT. Don’t miss the big kick off at Johnny Brenda’s this Friday August 15th along with two more of Philly’s finest, the super hot right now, Drink Up Buttercup, who are about to head off for a few dates themselves with Bishop Allen and Greyhounds. It’ll be a party for sure.

Creeping Weeds / Boat Tour Dates
FRI 8.15.08 Philadelphia, PA, Johnny Brenda’s
SAT 8.16.08 Honey Brook, PA The Crackhouse
SUN 8.17.08 New York, NY Cake Shop
MON 8.18.08 Somerville, MA PA’s Lounge
TUE 8.19.08 New London, CT The Oasis
WED 8.20.08 Brooklyn, NY Union Hall
THU 8.21.08 Blacksburg, VA The Lantern
FRI 8.22.08 Pittsburgh, PA Brillobox
SAT 8.23.08 Chicago, IL Schubas

Creeping Weeds – Derelict
Buy We Are All Part Of A Dream You’re Having

BOAT – Illustrate The History / When I Grow Up
Buy Let’s Drag Our Feet !
Drink Up Buttercup – Seasickness Pills
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Greyhounds – No Slogans in ’76
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Elvis Week 2008 – August 9th – 17th

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The Olympics are dominating most of the headlines the past few days, but yesterday also marks the kickoff of an annual event back here in the states. August 9 was the official start of this year’s Elvis Week in Memphis which runs until the 17th and is comprised of a multitiude of daily events to commemorate Elvis Presley‘s death in 1977. The pinnacle of the week is an all night candlelight vigil where thousands of devotees from around the world gather to file solemnly past the gravesite at Graceland. I had the opportunity to witness this annual gathering once and it is indeed something to behold. It is now even run live on a webcast each year. The devotion and emotions that Elvis inspires in people more than thirty years after his death is truly awe inspiring.

So to soundtrack the week I put together a quick Elvis mini mix for you.

Elvis Presley – That’s Alright Mama
Elvis Presley – Baby Let’s Play House
Elvis Presley – Mystery Train
Elvis Presley – Treat Me Nice
Elvis Presley – Are You Lonesome Tonight ?
Elvis Presley – Burning Love
Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds

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5 On A Friday : Olympics

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A nod to the kickoff of the 2008 Bejing Olympics today. Where the world gathers to see who can run faster, jump higher, compete harder, and throw longer, all in a quest to claim who’s better and get the gold.

1: The Black Crowes – Go Faster
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2: Sly And The Family Stone – I Want To Take You Higher
Buy Essential
3: Pat Macdonald – The Harder They Come
Buy Bridging The Distance
4: Hogan’s Goat – Longer
Buy Good Intention Road
5: The Format -Even Better Yet

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Never,EVER Judge A Book By It’s Cover : The Poison Control Center

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Photo by SinABox Photography 08.02.08 The Poison Control Center @ World Cafe Live

“Never judge a book by it’s cover”, I’m sure someone semi-famous probably coined that phrase, or maybe it really was my mom, or maybe it really was your mom, but it’s definitely a credo you should follow. Last Saturday night I had tickets to see Apples In Stereo, when I checked the schedule, the opening band was someone I’d never heard of, a band called The Poison Control Center, all apologies to the band(who are all amazingly cool), but a name that screams “they suck, show up late”. Well trust me when I say that would have been the wrong decision by a wide, wide margin. Hailing from Ames, Iowa, they put on one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. Fantastic rocking songs with non stop action on stage including full somersaults by both guitar players without missing so much as a single note, and a boundless, charming stage presence. This song is not from their excellent newest disc, A Collage Of Impressions, but it was one of my personal highlights from the show. Enjoy, and check them out if they play near you,trust me you won’t regret it, they’re excellent. I know I won’t be missing them when they come through town again.

The Poison Control Center – Upper Darby
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RIP Robert Hazard

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Robert Hazard 011, originally uploaded by WXPN FM 88.5 –

A moment of tribute today for legendary Philadelphia musician Robert Hazard who died unexpectedly August 5, 2008 at age 59 after surgery for pancreatic cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. While Robert is probably best known for his song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun covered by Cyndi Lauper and more recently by Miley Cyrus, early songs like Escalator Of Life and Change Reaction established him as one of Philadelphia’s finest. A great loss indeed.

Robert Hazard – Troubador
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BOS Exclusive : Brand New – Canadian Invasion Covers Fugazi

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Sorry about the lack of posts over the past few days, Google’s automated web scanning misidentified the site as a bag of spam and quarantined me for a few days until they could verify it was really legit. Back today with a special treat, a Bag Of Songs exclusive from Philadelphia’s Canadian Invasion who have taken the track Public Witness Program from Fugazi‘s
In On the Kill Taker and covered it with their own decidedly cool Brit Rock spin. Brilliant.
Keep your eyes peeled as well for their upcoming full length, Three Cheers For The Invisble Hand, I’ve heard it, and it’s one of the year’s best records on it’s way to a release date real soon.

Canadian Invasion – Public Witness Program (Fugazi cover)


New Spacetastic Video From The Hectors

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Some more shoegazey melodies for you today. Check out The Hectors going all cosmonautical in the new video for their song Carol and Sanford. Spacey coolness extraordinaire.

The Hectors – Carol and Sanford

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