Valentine’s Day Mix, Way Different Than Sugar Free Powdered Drink Mix

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A Bag Of Songs flavored Valentine’s Day mix for you today running through the whole box of chocolates, from oh so cute, to sentimental and sweet like maple syrup on a stack of warm, freshly made pancakes.

? Desmond Reed – The Best Part
? The Velvet Underground – She’s My Best Friend
Buy VU
? The Red Button – It’s No Secret
Buy She’s About To Cross My Mind
? Robert Plant And Alison Krauss – Stick With Me Baby
Buy Raising Sand
? Plajia – Beautiful Explosion
Buy Beautiful Explosion
? Birdie Busch – Hold Ya
Buy Penny Arcade
? Nicole Reynolds – We Could Be Dancing
Buy This Arduous Alchemy
? Birds Fled From Me – Oh My Love
Buy Deeper Lurking

? Dean Martin -Somewhere There’s A Someone
Buy Dino : The Essential
? Camera Obscura – I Love How You Love Me
Buy If Looks Could Kill Single
? Coco B’s – Modern Lover
Buy Coco B’s
? Ryan Shaw – We Got Love
Buy This Is Ryan Shaw
? The Triangles – I’ve Had Eyes For You
Buy Seventy- Five Year Plan
? Chelsea Taube – Somehow

5 On A Friday : Where Is My Mind ?

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I’m sure something’s crossed your mind today. What are you thinking about ?

1: The Red Button – Can’t Stop Thinking About Her
Buy She’s About To Cross My Mind
2: Laura Cantrell – Do You Ever Think Of Me ?
Buy Not The Trembling Kind
3: Sebadoh – Think (Let Tomorrow Bee)
Buy Bubble And Scrape
4: Mary Weiss – Stop And Think It Over
Buy Dangerous Game
5: Roky Erickson – I Think Up Demons
Buy I Have Always Been Here Before