Christmas Song Of The Day 2

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If you thought Bob Dylan singing Christmas songs was a little off kilter, today’s special Christmas blend of the Velvet Underground combined with a Christmas classic from Michael Jackson created by the mashup master Divide And Kreate will definitely have you doing a double take.  It’s from the holiday mashup compilation Santastic III in 3-D.

Divide And Kreate – Velvet Santa
More Santastic II in 3-D

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While you’re waiting…

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A couple of tunes to tide you over while you wait for me to summarize the rest of my musical weekend, including Day 3 of the Popped! Festival and Bag Of Songs night at The M Room.

Give a listen to Fugazi‘s Waiting Room and a 1966 alternate take of The Velvet Underground doing Waiting For My Man from the rare Norman Dolph Acetate in all it’s snap and crackle glory. So hang out a while, more photos and recaps to come.

Fugazi – Waiting Room
Buy 13 Songs

The Velvet Underground – Waiting For My Man(alternate take)
More Norman Dolph Acetate

5 On A Friday : Holy Roller Batman !

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Today’s five kind of sprung out of a conversation I was having last weekend with my friends Ms Carly Girl About Town and Mr. SinABox Camera about what songs I should post for Easter. It evolved into a lengthy discussion about the use of biblical quotes in rock songs, but I’ll save that for another day. Easter’s now past, but it was an interesting idea which I’ve kind of simplified a bit for today’s five. Some varying interpretions of Jesus in song for you today.

1: The Velvet Underground – Jesus
Buy Peel Slowly And See
2: John Wesley Harding – The Original Miss Jesus
Buy Why We Fight
3: Ben Folds – Jesusland
Buy Songs For Silverman
4: Kanye West – Jesus Walks
Buy The Collge Dropout
5: Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose
Buy Badmotorfinger

Valentine’s Day Mix, Way Different Than Sugar Free Powdered Drink Mix

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A Bag Of Songs flavored Valentine’s Day mix for you today running through the whole box of chocolates, from oh so cute, to sentimental and sweet like maple syrup on a stack of warm, freshly made pancakes.

? Desmond Reed – The Best Part
? The Velvet Underground – She’s My Best Friend
Buy VU
? The Red Button – It’s No Secret
Buy She’s About To Cross My Mind
? Robert Plant And Alison Krauss – Stick With Me Baby
Buy Raising Sand
? Plajia – Beautiful Explosion
Buy Beautiful Explosion
? Birdie Busch – Hold Ya
Buy Penny Arcade
? Nicole Reynolds – We Could Be Dancing
Buy This Arduous Alchemy
? Birds Fled From Me – Oh My Love
Buy Deeper Lurking

? Dean Martin -Somewhere There’s A Someone
Buy Dino : The Essential
? Camera Obscura – I Love How You Love Me
Buy If Looks Could Kill Single
? Coco B’s – Modern Lover
Buy Coco B’s
? Ryan Shaw – We Got Love
Buy This Is Ryan Shaw
? The Triangles – I’ve Had Eyes For You
Buy Seventy- Five Year Plan
? Chelsea Taube – Somehow

Seeing Shadows On Groundhog Day

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A couple of songs to soundtrack your Groundhog Day today. So, is it six more weeks of winter or is it going to be an early spring in just six weeks ? I guess only the shadow knows for sure.

MP3: Brandi Carlile – Shadow On The Wall
Buy The Story
MP3: Velvet Underground – Who Loves The Sun
Buy Loaded


5 On A Friday : Why Not Take The Train ?

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On this biggest travel weekend of the year, people are driving, flying, walking, basically doing whatever it takes to get home. For some reason trains have always held a certain fascination for songwriters. Here’s 5 odes to that traditional mode of transportation. Happy travels.

1: The Monkees – Last Train To Clarksville
Buy Greatest Hits
2: Neko Case – Train From Kansas City
Buy The Tigers Have Spoken
3: James Brown – Night Train
Buy Star Time
4: Velvet Underground – Train Round The Bend
Buy Peel Slowly And See
5: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Trains
Buy Jacksonville City Nights