Christmas Song Of The Day 17

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A Christmas ditty from one of the truly underated songwriters of today. John Wesley Harding has a flair for words with a twist of humor that is pretty much unrivalled amongst his peers. His new album, Who Was Changed And Who Was Dead , which I believe is his fifteenth, is set for a March 2009 release and is definitely one you should watch out for. I know I’ll be buying it for sure.

John Wesley Harding -Talking Christmas Goodwill Blues
Buy God Made Me Do it : The Christmas EP


5 On A Friday : Convention-al Wisdom

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A non partisan pseudo political tribute mix for you today. Enjoy!, and remember to vote when the time comes.

1: Grizzly Bear – Colorado
Buy Yellow House
2: Grandpaboy – MPLS
Buy Dead Man Shake
3: Elmore James – Standing At The Crossroads
Buy Let’s Cut it
4: John Wesley Harding – Election Night
Buy Dynablob
5: The Neville Brothers – A Change Is Gonna Come

Buy Yellow Moon

5.4 On A Friday : Earthquake

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Taking some loose inspiration from the news this morning that a 5.4 magnitude earthquake shook the midwestern US overnight. In the winter of 1811/1812, the New Madrid faultline was hit by three magnitude 8 earthquakes, some of the most powerful quakes in US History.

1: Uncle Tupelo – New Madrid
Buy Anodyne
2: Beck – Earthquake Weather
Buy Guero
3: Black Mountain -Faulty Times
Buy Black Mountain
4: Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes
Buy Little Earthquakes
5.4: John Wesley Harding – It’s All My Fault
Buy Awake

5 On A Friday : Holy Roller Batman !

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Today’s five kind of sprung out of a conversation I was having last weekend with my friends Ms Carly Girl About Town and Mr. SinABox Camera about what songs I should post for Easter. It evolved into a lengthy discussion about the use of biblical quotes in rock songs, but I’ll save that for another day. Easter’s now past, but it was an interesting idea which I’ve kind of simplified a bit for today’s five. Some varying interpretions of Jesus in song for you today.

1: The Velvet Underground – Jesus
Buy Peel Slowly And See
2: John Wesley Harding – The Original Miss Jesus
Buy Why We Fight
3: Ben Folds – Jesusland
Buy Songs For Silverman
4: Kanye West – Jesus Walks
Buy The Collge Dropout
5: Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose
Buy Badmotorfinger

5 On A Friday : Leap Year Bonus Day !

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In honor of Leap Year day today, that bonus day that only comes around every four years, here’s five “bonus” tracks for you.

1: Elvis Costello – Mystery Dance (Acoustic Version)
Buy My Aim Is True
2: John Wesley Harding – Jackson Cage
Buy Awake
3: The Killers – All The Pretty Faces
Buy Sam’s Town
4: Nirvana – Verse Chorus Verse
Buy No Alternative
5: Ryan Adams – Twice As Bad As Love
Buy Love Is Hell Part 2

5 On A Friday : Where Does The Time Go ?

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toothpaste for dinner

Man, where does the time go ? It’s already the last weekend of the year with 2008 just over the horizon.

1:Cousteau – Last Good Day Of The Year
Buy Cousteau
2:Frank Sinatra – It Was Very Good Year
Buy Reprise: The Very Good Years
3:John Wesley Harding – The End Of Something
Buy Pett Levels : The Summer EP
4: Nada Surf – End Credits
Buy Let Go
5: The Replacements – The Last
Buy All Shook Down

Monday Morning Blues : Now You’re Talking

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Talking blues is a style that originated on the late twenties and is typified by sing speak vocals over top of a repeated guitar part. Woodie Guthrie used this style as the basis for a lot of his songs, and later Bob Dylan, as well as many others who continue to carry the style forward. Here’s three fine examples for you today.

MP3: Bob Dylan – Talking World War III Blues
Buy The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan
MP3: John Wesley Harding – Talking Return Of The Great Folk Scare Blues
Buy Dynablob
MP3: Todd Snider – Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues
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It’s election day, vote, and exercise your right to participate in the power of democracy. Go ahead, change the world.

MP3: John Wesley Harding – Election Night
Joan Jett – Change The World