2009 Christmas Song Of The Day 25

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Wrapping it all up today sort of where I started it this year, with something a little off the beaten path. Hope you’ve enjoyed it and heard something you enjoyed and maybe found a new favorite. Thanks to everyone who’s been reading along,commenting and emailing. Christmas is all about sharing good times with yout family and firends so in addition to today’s pick here’s links to some more holiday tunes from a few of the friends of Bag Of Songs. Heather has her 2009 Christmas mix up at I Am Fuel Your Are Friends, The Duke at The Late Greats has quite a few songs, Emma has a Holiday Music Extravaganza over at The World In A Paper Cup, Carly and Girl About Town have a great holiday song from The Sky Drops, and Teenage Kicks sends their Christmas Wishes along with a song from Ike Reilly.

Voicedude – Imagine Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Get Santastic III in 3D

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone !
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2009 Christmas Song Of The Day 15

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A Christmas mixer for you today from master mash up artist Mark Vidler aka Go Home Productions.

Go Home Productions – Carpenters Christmas
More GHP

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Christmas Song Of The Day 2

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If you thought Bob Dylan singing Christmas songs was a little off kilter, today’s special Christmas blend of the Velvet Underground combined with a Christmas classic from Michael Jackson created by the mashup master Divide And Kreate will definitely have you doing a double take.  It’s from the holiday mashup compilation Santastic III in 3-D.

Divide And Kreate – Velvet Santa
More Santastic II in 3-D

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5 On A Friday : It’s SO Hot

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Five today keeping with the theme that’s sort of going on here this week, because well, it’s summer, and damn it’s HOT.

1: DJ Prince – Come On Everybody Let’s Drop It Like It’s Hot
More DJ Prince
2: James Brown – Hot Pants
Buy Star Time
3: Beck – Hotwax
Buy Odelay
4: Led Zeppelin – Hots On For Nowhere
Buy Presence
5: The Whigs – Hot Bed

Buy Mission Control

Mashed or Fried ?

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Mark Vidler as Go Home Productions is a master of the bootleg/mashup. For now though he has decided to put them to rest and focus on his remixing and other career endeavors. Fear not though, for he has just released this 20 song compilation of his work from 2002 to 2007 on his website as a free download. And if you like this, later this month he plans on giving it all away, 16 cds worth of mashups/bootlegs from his archives. Stay tuned.
Mark Says:

It’s a 5 year retrospective of GHP bootlegs.
20 tracks that include personal faves / tracks that have gone down well with the public and a fair few that have led to greater things..
I thought it would be a good idea to put this up now, as there are plenty of individual requests for many of them by folks who have just discovered GHP.
It’s also a taster for the ‘entire’ GHP output being made available next month. Friday 21st September if all goes to plan. I’ve seen a few GHP torrents doing the rounds but they don’t even begin to scratch the surface.I have at least 16 CD’s worth. All remastered. Full artwork and a
fair amount of unreleased/unheard stuff.
…and of course it will put a lid on this particular GHP chapter.
‘Bootlegs’ have been fun but have become
less spontaneous for me in 2007. Mashed’ was initially an exciting
project/prospect but 3 years took it’s toll and really watered it down to the
laughing stock that it was. “Passenger Fever” was fucking cool though. The rest
dated back to 2004…hmmm.
Missed opportunity for all involved really and lessons have been learned by everyone.
I’ll save the nitty-gritty for the autobiography…or a paragraph in the Observer Music Monthly.
So, the bootlegs will be taking very much a back-seat for now. Strapped in securely and
told not to move or ask ‘are we there yet?’

Here’s the tracklisting and a few samples.
Mark Vidler Go Home Productions
“This Was Pop (2002-2007)”
A 5 year bootleg retrospective

01 Making Plans For Vinyl
02 The Weather Episode
03 Work It Out With A Foxy Lady
04 Turn Out The Light Slave
05 Backstab Me One More Time
06 Ray Of Gob
07 Shannon Stone
08 Karma In The Life
09 Jacko Under Pressure
10 Paperback Believer
11 Abba & The Bunnymen
12 Rapture Riders
13 Essex Doves
14 Wrapped Detective
15 Girl Wants (To Say Goodbye To) Rock & Roll
16 Rock In Black
17 Velvet Sugar
18 Bus Stop Runner
19 Time Outside
20 Nightbeatle

Download it all as a 2 part .rar file part1 part2

5 On A Friday : Going To The Dogs

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So In honor of taking my crazy dog to the vet today to get her annual shots, today for 5 On A Friday we have one all about the dogs. Bow Wow Yippee Yi Yay.

1: Damien Rice – Dogs (from 9)
Tom Waits – Puttin’ On The Dog (from orphans)
The Pretenders – Jealous Dogs (from Pretenders II)
Los Lobos – Two Dogs And A Bone (from The Town And The City)
Divide & Kreate – I Wanna Be Christina’s Dog (from http://www.divideandkreate.com/)

5 on a Friday

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A new feature today called 5 on a Friday where we’ll feature 5 songs all having some connection.
Today, five mash ups that are sure to have you up and dancing to kick off your Friday right.
So put on those dancing shoes and shake’em on down

1 MP3 : Go Home Productions – Ultrathin
website :
Go Home Productions

2 MP3 : Party Ben – Led Snooppelin – Drop It Like It’s a Whole Lotta Love
website :
Party Ben

3 MP3 : Dj Zebra – O brother Ray
website :
DJ Zebra

4 MP3 : Divide & Kreate – I Wanna Be Christina’s Dog
website :
Divide & Kreate

5 MP3 : mash-ups.co.uk – Bootystition
website :